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About us

ENSO was founded in 1914 as Robert College Engineering School Student Society and in 1989 when the school became Boğaziçi University, our society earned the name of Boğaziçi University Engineering Society and our society holds the title of Turkey's oldest career club in its hand and this year our society is rightfully proud and happy to celebrate its 106th anniversary.

Our society, which has given its members the opportunity to develop academically and socially with national and international events since its establishment in 1914, it hosts warm friendships and offers more than a university club

Vision & Mission

Turkey's first student club ENSO, who was founded as Robert College Engineering School Society and got its current name in 1989, has always known to keep its vision wide and has successfully come to this day with its "Think Big" motto with the responsibility given by this history.

Within the year ENSO aims to contribute to the engineering community at the school by organizing seminars, case competitions, team design competitions, company trips and club activities and the doors of ENSO are also open to students from all departments.

During the year, we bring together companies and students as much as possible to establish mutually beneficial relationships. In this way, both the
business people of the future grow up as raising awareness and companies get to know the Boğaziçi better and see how valuable it is.
ENSO, transfers to the members of the next year not only how to contact with companies but also how to establish a network with companies in order to get a job and somehow our society has been doing it for over 100 years already. Our ultimate goal is to increase the brand value of Boğaziçi, to give students an advantage against companies and to create valuable things on behalf of careers and engineering in Turkey.


It can be said that the Engineering Society was first established in 1914 as the Engineering Community of Robert College. Robert College started to provide engineering education in 1912 and two years after the establishment of the engineering faculty; A student club was established for engineering students, known as the "Engineering Society". The main goal of the club is to train social engineers who can achieve something rather than just be successful in their studies and lessons. For this purpose, it organized many different events such as Engineering Days, Engineering Banquets, Kemalism and Atatürk Symposiums.
Among them there were important writers of the period such as Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu. Moreover, Engineering Society was holding conversation meetings and giving ceremonies for successful industrialists and businessmen of this period.
When Robert College's campus changed, Boğaziçi University was established on the current campuses of the university, and all student clubs were closed. Later, departmental engineering clubs such as mechanical engineers and industrial engineers students were established. In 1989, an extensive historical research was conducted and information about the Engineering Society (ENSO) was found by Hakan Zihnioğlu et al. Thus, it was decided to reopen ENSO and this culture which was established in 1914 was maintained.
Since 1989 ENSO has continued to train "social students" with its slogan 'Think Big!'. Turkey's oldest student club ENSO tries to manage other student clubs with the national and international events and works which are organized by ENSO.


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Our society holds the title of Turkey's oldest and most established career club in its hand and this year our society is rightfully proud and happy to celebrate its 106th anniversary.

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